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The official data shows that over 330 800 people have been killed since the beginning of the Syrian Revolution. However, it is estimated that the conflict has claimed really almost 100 thousand lives which were not included in the official accounts due to communication problems and other difficulties. [Syria Observatory for Human Rights]

200 victims every day (1) -it is as if every 24 hours a small junior high school, a double-staircase block of flats or a Boeing disappeared altogether along with the people. [1.Polskieradio.pl, 2014.10]

The Office for Foreigners declares that on 31st February 2015 it had 2000 places in its centers.

The war in Syria orphaned 500 thousand children [IHH Humanitarian Relief Fund]. As a result most of them live in poverty and suffer from starvation; they are forced to work; they have to enter into premature marriages or experience other forms of sexual violence.

Every year between 20 and 30 thousand married couples in Poland undergo adoption procedure. [Family Pastoral Care Centre of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Warszawa-Praga]



Refugees are also war victims. There are 9 mln refugees within the borders of Syria and over 3,8 mln outside of its territory. The neighboring countries are no longer able to deal with the influx of refugees from the area of conflict. (1) Almost half of the immigrants are children and 50% of them are of school age. [1.wyborcza.pl; amnesty.org; 2. www.worldvision.org]

Citizens of stable countries find it difficult to understand the experiences of refugees. Many of these people witnessed death of their relatives. War decimated their families, left them unemployed and deprived them of their possessions bringing instead hunger, diseases, misery and homelessness. Their escape from the conflict area is a continuation of their dramatic fight for survival.



Around 1,7 million of Syrians who lost their homes and means for a decent life suffer from hunger and illnesses. It is estimated that around 200 thousand Syrian children are forced into slave labour. (2) Refugees in Lebanon also suffer from winter colds. (2) Leaving these people without aid frequently equals to passing a death sentence on them. [1. theguardian.com; 2014-12; 2. independent.co.uk, 2014-10; 3. pch24.pl; 2015-01]


Until now Poland has not become involved in international help for the Syrian refugees in a decisive manner. The data presented by the Office for Foreigners in 2013 shows that only 70 Syrians were granted protection in Poland. Other European countries are much more strongly engaged in saving immigrants by accommodating a huge number of them within their borders. When we compare activities undertaken by Poland with aid grated by other countries we see that the scale of aid grated by the Republic of Poland is symbolic. A consequence of such police may be weakening of the voice of Poland in the international arena. Poland may also possibly damage its image as a country involved in pro-democratic activities and protection of human rights.


Below we present a shortened overview of information concerning mass accommodation of refugees and decrees/declarations concerning the Syrian refugees in Europe.
  • The Netherlands - around 4000 a month (Euroislam.pl);
  • Sweden - it has already taken in 15 000 and it declares the next 8 000 (Fronda.pl);
  • Germany - it has accepted already 23 000 (Economist.com) and it is working on a decree allowing for accommodation of other refugees. The country wants to limit influx of immigrants from other countries for the sake of the refugees from Syria.
  • Iceland- it opens its boundaries for an unlimited number of refugees from Syria. (Island News Polska);
  • Great Britain granted almost USD 1 billion for humanitarian aid and it opens its boundaries for the most deprived persons. (TVN24);
  • Poland - it has taken in only 114 refugees (Office for Foreigners).
1,5 thousand of Christians, half of them children, are in the hands of the Polish Government. Resettlement procedure cannot be started without the agreement of the government in the form of an official Ordinance of the Council of Ministers. Estera Fund is at the moment able to guarantee accommodation and care for at least 1,5 thousand of persecuted Christians from Syria. We prepared a training program to teach them Polish language and a special system of supervision and care designed to help them in successful assimilation. The whole action is financed by private funds of charitable institutions, communities and churches as well people of good will. Activities performed by the Fund are beyond denominations and politics. Its purpose is to save Christians from genocide on religious grounds.

  • We save Syrian Christians from death at the hands of Islamic terrorists by providing them with accommodation on the territory of Poland.
  • We organize and finance transportation of Christian families from Syria to Poland.
  • We offer legal and procedural aid in gathering documents necessary to receive Polish visa and we assist refugees in the process of seeking refugee status.
  • We provide the refugees with decent living conditions and we give financial support to them.
  • We help them to learn Polish language and we conduct an organic assimilation program.
  • We cooperate with parishes, communities and churches of various Christian denominations in order to provide the best care to the Syrian families.
  • We work on a project dedicated to the Syrian orphans. We want to help them find loving families in Poland.
  • We are the voice of prosecuted Christians who die for their faith and shared values. They profess the same values which constituted foundations for our European civilization. For that reason we feel a moral obligation to offer to them necessary help.
  • We work to protect human rights.


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