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Estera Fund was established in response to a cry for help of the Syrian Christians who are currently the most endangered minority in the region. For the sake of their religion followers of Christ are savagely tortured and exterminated. Their religious affiliation often prevents them from seeking help in the neighboring countries. They are persecuted wherever they go. Our awareness of the difficult situation of the people affected by war and of the enormity of work that needs to be performed to help them strongly encouraged us to establish Estera Fund. Our purpose is to actively protect health and lives of women, men and children affected by war and to offer comprehensive support to the Syrian refugees.

Miriam Shaded
The President of Estera Fund

Started her carrier in the company Liquid Fuels Logistics Operator. During several years of her work there she introduced many procedural improvements and was promoted several times. Then she participated in establishment of Abeonet SA -the first company in Poland dealing with Online Reputation Management. In 2014 she put aside commercial projects and set up Estera Fund.

Miriam Shaded has got a broad experience in development and establishment of investments from scratch. She marketed several advanced technical, IT or organizational projects. They were designed to support sales and they were equipped with a number of up-to-date marketing tools. During performance of these projects Miriam Shaded was responsible for investment analysis, development of business plan taking into consideration marketing strategies, financial aims and concept of products and services. She also had to secure financing sources, recruit the employees and contractors and supervise their work and implementation of the budget, as well as monitor the achieved results. She held talks and conducted negotiations with the representatives of investment funds, investors and decision-makers of many companies.


PLN: 31 1950 0001 2006 0846 8518 0002
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USD: 74 1950 0001 2006 0846 8518 0003
GBP: 47 1950 0001 2006 0846 8518 0005

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