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Estera Fund was established in response to a cry for help of the Syrian Christians who are currently the most endangered minority in the region. For the sake of their religion followers of Christ are savagely tortured and exterminated. Their religious affiliation often prevents them from seeking help in the neighboring countries. They are persecuted wherever they go. Our awareness of the difficult situation of the people affected by war and of the enormity of work that needs to be performed to help them strongly encouraged us to establish Estera Fund. Our purpose is to actively protect health and lives of women, men and children affected by war and to offer comprehensive support to the Syrian refugees.

Help for refugees

Estera Fund assists the Syrian in their homeland offering them legal and procedural aid in gathering documents necessary for leaving the country and receiving Polish visa and refugee status. In Poland the fund takes care of the refugees, accommodates them and provides them with means necessary for a decent life. It also helps them in assimilation by, among other things, teaching them Polish. It strives to improve attitude of the Polish society towards the refugees, especially towards children and Christians. The fund is also engaged in lobbing for legal arrangements which would open the Polish borders to Syrian Christians and which would make it easier for them to start a new life in Poland. Moreover, it works towards intensification of humanitarian help for the people affected by the Syrian war and towards increase of social awareness of that conflict.

Miriam Shaded
The President of Estera Fund


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